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This year, there were more unanswered questions than usual. The rollout of technology and the failure of the unipolar model signaled unprecedented—and accelerating—changes.

Question #1: How important are invisible and secret weaponry and technology to the replacement of global currency systems with crypto-control systems?

Assets in space require protection, and that protection likely involves sophisticated secret technologies. This unanswered question raises another question: Is space being used to collateralize the "bad paper" on the books, while the pandemic-sanctioned destruction of the on-planet economy keeps hyperinflation at bay?

Question #2: Where did Mr. Global invest the $21 trillion, the $24+ trillion, and where is the new 2020 central bank and fiscal stimulus going? Cui Bono Plandemic?

Mr. Global’s cut-and-run and attempted shift from a currencies system to a digital control system rely on coordination and secrecy—but the "Midianite thing" could scuttle the plan.

Question #3: Why is there a great poisoning underway? Why is there an ongoing global program to increase the levels of aluminum, other heavy metals, and nanoparticles or nanotechnology in humans? Is the push for Neuralink because humans will be more intelligent accessing AI and easier to control and integrate with robots, or because the elites want and need access to uniquely human intelligence and consciousness?

Technocrats view AI and robots as the solution, but their transhumanist (subhumanist) experiment is likely doomed to failure. Sooner or later, machines break. If humanity ends up being unable to function without AI, what happens if the AI can’t repair itself? And what if there are no competent humans left to perform the repairs? Boeing offers a cautionary tale—even with the best computers and programmers in the world, Boeing designed a fundamentally flawed airplane and destroyed its brand.

Question #4: High-tech risks: Should we beware high-tech fires, the push for immortality, DNA editing, 5G+ mind control and assassinations, and the interbreeding of humans with other species? What else?

Species-altering technologies have spiritual consequences. Consider the push for "immortality" or greater longevity. If we get 150 years of someone like Mother Teresa, let’s not forget that also means 150 years of characters like Hitler and Stalin. Do we want that kind of person sticking around for even longer—psychopaths who do evil things just for some excitement?

Question #5: Will the U.S. or Israel go to war in Iran? Will India start a war with Pakistan? When will China invade Taiwan? Has the U.S. invaded Venezuela? Will the U.S. and China go to war? What about Russia? How far might other countries' conquests go once it becomes clear the U.S. will no longer play global cop?

The coronavirus pandemic has placed China in a difficult position in terms of its reliance on food imports. If China ends up being unable to obtain or finance its imports or if the Chinese government is weakened, it is conceivable it could use war to solve its problems. Elsewhere, it is difficult to predict what actions volatile and self-interested figures like Modi and Netanhayu might take.

Question #6: How will the U.S. government and central bank be reengineered after FASAB 56, the 2020 plandemic and elections and after the JEDI contract is in place? Is the Plunge Protection Team being reengineered or privatized?

The deep state is doing its utmost to privatize the operational capacity of the U.S. government. The vision is for corporations and banks to run everything—on a secret basis—while the American people keep paying taxes as if an ordinary government still existed. There also appears to be a concerted effort to shift New York Fed member banks’ liabilities into the Treasury. We need a greater share of the population to understand that the money starts with us, and we have the power to reengineer it one community at a time.

Question #7: What will happen to U.S. land and real estate as a result of changes underway? What about the existing energy model?

Are big investors privvy to secret knowledge about a forthcoming shift in the energy model? This could help explain the aggressive push to gain control of land and real estate through the pandemic, Opportunity Zones, riots, weather warfare, and other mechanisms. Fundamentally, "the real deal on going local"—the Wrap Up theme—is about this fight over land and real estate.

Question #8: Who is Mr. Global, what is the governance structure on Planet Earth, and what are the risk issues that are driving Mr. Global's actions?

A separate civilization—whether breakaway or off-planet—is one reasonable explanation for the large amount of money that continues to disappear. If we compare the situation to a man who has two families, has Mr. Global decided to hit the red button (using the pandemic as cover story) because he no longer can afford to keep both families going? The pandemic’s rather hasty rollout also raises questions about whether Mr. Global is responding to undisclosed risks. Is there a defensive or military aspect to the current situation? Why did the entire planet need to be locked down, and why was continuity of government invoked?

Question #9: Which is stranger--what is going on behind the veil of secrecy, or the overwhelming effort to pretend it is not going on and to create an official reality diverging steadily from reality?

Mr. Global has taken a risk in pushing the pandemic narrative, which developed holes almost from the outset. What is going on behind the scenes that we don’t know about?

Question #10: Given the tsunami of occult and demonic practices and symbols, should we be concerned about the interaction between AI and interdimensional intelligence?

Until the coronavirus pandemic, many people found the notion of "satanic forces" old-fashioned. Now, however, evil is showing its face more openly. As a result, people who used to make light of Christianity are not only asking questions about where evil comes from and how to deal with it but are also reading the Bible and questioning the closure of churches.

Question #11: Who is burning the churches of France and why?

In the war against Christianity, which seems to include erasing physical reminders of Christianity’s history, Mr. Global is pinning the blame on the usual suspects (e.g., Muslim terrorists). While the latter may be involved as lower-level patsies, this could not happen without support and financing from the intelligence agencies—and a "wink and a nod" from on high.

Question #12: What are the supporting facts and arguments for optimism?

We have been running the economy on a non-sustainable basis. A sustainable and abundant human future is economically possible, but we have to grow up and organize the economy responsibly with respect to the land and to each other. Once a sufficient number of people reject slavery and focus on not compromising their immortal soul, it is entirely possible to have a human future. The history of the human race is full of examples—times when things looked dire and hopeless and then we grew up!


The Solari Report has a hero every week as well as for every quarterly and annual Wrap Up. Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) was Solari’s Hero for the 1st Quarter 2020. Congressman Massie courageously and unsuccessfully tried to force a recorded vote (rather than a voice vote) for the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act, calling to mind attorney Jim Garrison’s words (striving to bring justice to the Kennedy assassination), "Let justice be done though the heavens fall." Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. also continues to do yeoman’s work.

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