CategoryCatherine’s 2017 GradeCatherine’s 2018 GradeCatherine’s 2019 GradeCatherine’s Q1 2020 GradeDr. Farrell’s 2017 GradeDr. Farrell’s 2018 GradeDr. Farrell’s 2020 GradeDr. Farrell’s Q1 2020 Grade
Accomplishments To-DateB+B-B-B-BC+A-C
Building a TeamDFFD-CD-C-D-
Building Bottom-Up SupportDCCCC-CB+C
Building Bridges DomesticallyFDC-B-DC-BB-
Building Bridges InternationallyC-CC-CCC-C
Grand Strategy for America and Our Role In the WorldToo Early To GradeCC+C+A-CC-D-
Growing in the JobB-A-B-B+B / B-B+BB+
Introducing Important ChangeBBBBCBBC
Managing the Executive Branch BureaucracyC-DDDC / C-DC-D
Managing the Federal Budget and Contracting BudgetFFFFFFGH
Recruiting a TeamB-D+DDCC-C-D
Staying Physically and Emotionally HealthyB-B+BAB+B+A-A
War Games (Mapping the Swamp)C-B+AB-BBB+B