The Care19 App: A Heads Up to the Subscribers in North Dakota, South Dakota & Wyoming

This is a “Heads Up” for all of our subscribers in ND, SD and WY. Before you even consider downloading this “Contact Tracing” phone app, please check out the materials below.

First a subscriber posted the video above – which sent chills down our back. We floated to several subscribers tracking the explosion of creepy tech.

We received these comments from one of those subscriber that started looking into it:

“Some facts worth considering:

  • According to LinkedIn, ProudCrowd (Maker of Care19) either has no employees or no one working there decided to list it on their profile.
  • Its founder, Tim Brookins has been with Microsoft over 19 years. While he lists being a co-founder of another company on his LinkedIn profile, he makes no mention of his involvement in ProudCrowd.
  • When you click on the link to ProudCrowd from LinkedIn, you get an error message. There appears to be no website for ProudCrowd.
  • ProudCrowd has only one other app available for download, which tracks the location of NDSU college football fans so they can meet up in the parking lot before the game (or something like that, essentially it’s a surveillance tracking tool, surprise!)
  • ProudCrowd is providing their app to the state of North Dakota for NO FEE OR CHARGE whatsoever.
  • Many reviews of the Care 19 app say it doesn’t properly. Here’s just one excerpt: “I have been using the app for about a month now. The map keeps saving locations I haven’t been to or is just incorrect. Even my home address according to the map is showing a completely different location.” So, we’re going to be hassled and possibly put under home quarantine because we may have crossed paths with someone, yet the tracking software doesn’t track our movements accurately????
  • So…. no employees… no revenues… essentially no other products….. not even a website….. Yeah, this is definitely a front for Microsoft.
  • And in case this is news to anyone, the [R] governor of North Dakota, Doug Burgum, was a very high-level Microsoft exec, having sold his business to Microsoft in 2001 for $1.1 billion. I guess he’s returning the favor now.

Here are the links we found so far – we really think you need to do your due diligence and be very careful.

Subscriber Resources

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